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Drawing Time

Welcome to Jubilant Kids!

We believe in the development of the whole child

We offer your children the care, comfort, fun and safety they deserve. And for you, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is in the best hands. Each day promises an exciting new adventure, and we make sure each child experiences the joys of a truly caring environment. Our curriculum is designed to focus on the creative, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social growth of everyone. 

We strive to be your partners

We are completely transparent in our programs and curriculum, we continuously self-assess and look to improve, and we make communication with you a paramount part of the childcare environment.



We are forthcoming and open in all internal and external interactions. We are transparent and accountable to the parents. We take responsibility for our actions.



We treat our children, our parents and our co-workers with dignity.  We listen thoughtfully and communicate effectively to each other and to our parents. We honor fairness and diversity.



We work together as a team, with diligence and dedication, towards a common vision of Jubilant Kids Learning Center.



We engage with our fellow co-workers to create a thriving network of mutually beneficial relationships.



We approach our work with energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to create enjoyable experience for all, children, parents and co-workers. We make our work fun.

  • to be competent and confident in their abilities 

  • to be self-directed in a constructive, creative manner 

  • to be successful in future educational experiences 

  • to develop a love for learning and the ability to know how to learn

  • to develop self-control and a sense of right and wrong 

  • to feel good about who they are 

  • to learn cooperation with other children as well as adults 

  • to reach their full potential in emotional, intellectual, physical and social development

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